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Public Beach is a high-end brand based in Montreal that is midway between the finesse of the European manufacture and the convenience of the North American designs.

Its founder: Dov Cohen the man behind Rallye International, a Canadian manufacturer for men’s clothing that has been perfecting its art of garment manufacturing for more than 30 years.

A Public Beach swimwear is undeniably a pledge of comfort and quality!

Assortment of fabric samples.

Our manufacture

Our high-end bathing suits for men are made from fabrics using the latest technologies. They ensure greatest comfort with an uncompromised style. They are made of printed fabrics that are conceived and designed in Montreal.

The designs consist of a clever mixture of nylon and spandex. Matched with a waistband or an elastic band, they guarantee unprecedented comfort and an unseen elasticity.

This astonishing breakthrough has made Public Beach a unique swimwear in Europe as well as in North America!

Assortment of fabric samples.

Our styles

Classic, chic, colorful or even funny, our swimsuits for men are offered in a variety of styles to satisfy your needs and your mood of the moment.

Whether you are looking for striped, camo, orange, green or even flamingo designs, every season, we offer you different styles based on the « beach wear » parade trends and our designers’ inspirations.


Our designs

The Public Beach bathing suit is offered in 2 styles : The Volley and the Short.

The 2 designs consist of a clever mixture of nylon and spandex, which provides unequalled elasticity. These bathing suits ensure smooth and agile body movements, no matter what activity is performed.

The cut is modern and immaculate and it meets the fitting concerns of all silhouettes.

The Short with pants waist
The Short with pants waist.

With its waistband providing up to 15 centimeters of elasticity, it comes with a zipper and a push-button.

This design is resolutely modern for those who are looking for a meticulous style and uncompromised comfort. It also provides an integrated net for maximum support and well-being.

The Volley with elasticated waist
The Volley with elasticated waist.

This design is a great classic in men’s swimwear. The latter provides an integrated net for optimal support and comfort.